I am an experienced British Sign Language/English interpreter, qualified and registered  in 2008.

Like a lot of interpreters I was aware that the work would often take a toll on me, and my peer support group was a good source of sympathetic understanding, advice and some immediate relief. However, when I read about professional supervision I realised the limitations of peer support and became very interested in this formal practice as a route to deeper reflection and insight. In 2015, I took up 1:1 supervision, and it didn’t take me long to recognise the benefits I was experiencing. By committing to this dedicated time in a safe space I could take a step back and look at work events and my own reactions in refreshing, new and helpful ways.

Becoming a strong advocate of the immense value of professional supervision, and keen to support the development of colleagues and the profession as a whole, I trained to become a supervisor with 360 Supervision. Evidentially, supervision is a protective factor against burn-out, and helps professionals to maintain a long and healthy career. I have been practising as a professional supervisor now since 2018, and am delighted to see the growth, self-awareness, confidence and well-being flourish in the practitioners I work with.

Alongside my regular supervision sessions for both my interpreting and supervision practice, I continue to meet with my peer support group. It is a privilege to be a part of the 360 Supervision teaching team.